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If your sports organization is looking for a special way to recognize accomplishments and show sports club allegiance, Jupiter's custom products- including metals, bag tags and trophy plates with the option to engrave onsite- offers a stellar solution. 


Grit, to get through the hard times and preserver, is worthy of commemoration. 


Honor teamwork and connection to something greater than the self.


Metals and bag tags with meaning have a lifelong impact.


Participation metals receive a bad rap. team participation sports can be extremely beneficial to young children, when they make the commitment to follow through. Valuable life skills are learned-communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork. 

By awarding and honoring their commitment, build self-confidence and physical, mental and emotional strength to overcome, especially when it's hard!

Moments that Necessitate Commemoration.



Custom swag, with the option to engrave onsite,  offers an additional revenue stream for support clubs and organizations. 

Sports medals

Club Sports

Build team camaraderie for national and local club sports teams and tournaments. Make it known, "I am a part of something great!"

Bag tags

Membership Clubs

Create connection, by building in the cost of member bag tags with membership purchase. Direct new members to pro-shop or march table with complementary engraving available. 

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