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Personalized products have greater longevity. With longevity in mind, Jupiter & Company spent the last decade developing lightweight and reliable engraving technology, that pairs with our luxury products,  to make engraving clean, simple, and accessible across all industries.

Jupiter began as a custom products company a generation ago, producing custom promotional keepsakes for the golf industry, using epoxy in a small garage shop. Jupiter’s production has since expanded, producing high-end custom metal goods to honor and commemorate each individual, for top international golf courses, sports clubs, and nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Jupiter’s reach is universal. We support all brands, organizations, events, and retail experiences by providing a timeless marketing tool and value-add.


"The unique aspect of being a part of history is the unawareness of its future historical significance." 

During the years spanning from 2000-2012, the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The PGA Tour played a pivotal role in supporting Jupiter and Company, a company with a unique mission driven by its owner and founder, Heather Bryan. This period marked a significant shift in how sports were perceived by fans. While sports had traditionally been viewed primarily through television screens, Heather Bryan and her company set out to transform this experience into something much more personal and memorable.

With the backing of organizations like the PGA, IBM, Ryder Cup and Final Four,  Jupiter and Company embarked on a mission to make every fan feel like an integral part of the sport they loved. They understood that the key to achieving this was personalization, and this was the cornerstone of their approach.

During these years, Jupiter and Company dedicated themselves to providing fans with an onsite experience like no other. This personalization of the fan experience created a profound need for commemorative items that would help people cherish and remember those unique moments forever.

This time marked a turning point in how fans engaged with golf. It was a period where personalization and onsite experiences took center stage, making the sport not just a spectator event on TV, but a cherished and participatory part of fans' lives. It was a time when witnessing the growth of golfing greats like Tiger Woods was not just a distant dream but a tangible, memorable reality for fans fortunate enough to be a part of it.

Onsite engraving

When pressed about the future of Jupiter & Company, Heather offers a glimpse of what is to come. "We look forward to evolving alongside the hospitality and retail experience, to offer something uniquely personal to everyone.”

Humans are fundamentally the same. People desire to be seen and acknowledged and want to take a piece of the experience home with them.

In-house and on demand engraving is a value-add that offers something special, it honors the person’s unique experience. With engraving readily available, there is an opportunity to curate memorable moments. Heather recounts her days of onsite engraving fondly.  “There is a connection that is facilitated during the short engraving process.  It can open people up to share and connect in ways they normally wouldn’t.” 

At Jupiter & Company, we believe if you seek to create an experience, you should seek to commemorate it. We are team players, here to support program development and unique needs, with tech support and a full warranty on our engraving technology. It is hard to define our limits and our reach because there are no limits to what we offer. We provide products that are uniquely personal to everyone and we help people feel special by providing a point of connection, and we see this extending across all industries.  

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It only takes a moment
to make it personal

We are honored to have worked with some extraordinary and diverse partners. Our partners include the Orlando Magic, the United States Golf Association. USTA, Troon Properties, the International Luxury Hotel Association, and more.  In the future, we want to be on your team and exceed expectations because it makes great marketing sense.

Dual-customization seamlessly communicates the commitment to the experience and leaves a lasting impression of excellence. 







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