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Engraving Station at Kimpton


Jupiter & Company has provided over 500 engraving stations across the world. They have engraved custom products at numerous events and now offer onsite personalization services to meet the increasing demand.  Jupiter & Company has established itself as a leading laser-less, diamond drag  engraving system provider. Their exceptional services have been successfully showcased at various events, and now they are proud to offer technology that provides the power of dual customization across many industries. 

Simple and Sustainable Engraving Technology built, calibrated and supported through The Jupiter Tech Team based in California.

Make It Mobile

In house engraving
Jupiter & Company has introduced a remarkable mobile cart solution that is redefining customer engagement. By strategically positioning this portable engraving station outside boutiques, stores, or front lobbies, they have created a dynamic and interactive experience for customers. This innovative approach not only captures the attention of passersby but also fosters a personal connection as customers witness their chosen items being engraved. Moreover, the mobile cart's adaptability is truly ingenious; on days with limited staff, it can be easily wheeled into the back, preserving both security and aesthetics. The Jupiter Engraving Station's mobile cart is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a testament to their commitment to creativity and adaptability in enhancing customer experiences.

The Jupiter Engraving Station Stats

Small Footprint

With an 18" x 15"x 14" (with monitor) footprint and weighing only 10 lbs, the Jupiter Engraving Station is portable and durable for use in any department. 

Diamond Tip Engraving

Luxury "Tiffany's" style engraving, the diamond point etch letters and numbers cleanly and precisely with six different fonts and a custom font upload option.

Mobile or Desktop

The Jupiter Engraving Station includes everything you need. The small footprint is designed to be light and mobile. 

Quick, Clean and Quiet

There is no mess or racket when engraving.  Each product takes 1-3 minutes, depending on the font, size and product. 


With 5 fonts included and an opportunity to add any font of your choosing, your covered.


Type the name or wording on the keyboard, review your work, and hit ENGRAVE. Walk away, greet another customer, raise money, answer the phone, and let the technology do the job. 

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