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  • Heather Bryan

Driving Sustainability in Technology: Jupiter & Company's Environmental Commitment

At Jupiter & Company, sustainability isn't an afterthought—it's ingrained in everything we do. From product design to company strategy, we prioritize eco-conscious practices to address urgent environmental concerns.

Beyond our products, we're committed to sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our USA-made engravers and recyclable, plastic-free packaging are just a couple of examples of our dedication to lasting quality and waste reduction.

Choosing to personalize the Jupiter and Company product line we believe not only to elevate the custom piece but brings longevity to it. Imagine holding a luggage tag one with your name and one without, which would you keep?

Join us in our sustainability efforts by returning packaging for recycling and enjoy a 5% discount on your next purchase. At Jupiter & Company, sustainability matters, and we're committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

Do you want to begin utilizing sustainable engraving technology? Connect with us now:

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The Jupiter Engraving Station is built by choosing compostable and recyclable material

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