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  • Raychl Keeling

Awakened Hotel Branding: Conscious Swag

Brand adaptation is the only constant in today’s competitive travel market. Positioning a brand to be all things desired; environmentally friendly, personal, experiential and profitable, requires a refined balance when establishing brand recognition and gaining customer loyalty.

“Give graciously, charge confidently,” is a simple well-balanced brand goal outlined in Bill Walsche’s “Prideology” tenure with the Viceroy Hotel Group. The future of branding is inviting us to, “Go Beyond”, as stated by Jupiter & Company, a conscious swag company leading the way with innovative on-site and on-demand engraving technology of retail and promotional products. “At Jupiter & Company, we offer managers unique products that can be placed in the room or gifted at check in, with engraving available in areas where more foot-traffic is desired or at hosted events to encourage greater connection. The gift received by the guest is one rooted in individual acknowledgement and value.” says Heather Bryan, founder of Jupiter & Company. Their message to hoteliers, conscious connection builds conscious capitalism, derived from conscious swag.

Historically, Hoteliers build brand loyalty through the use of swag, i.e. promotional merchandise that bears a brand’s name, logo or value proposition. Over the years, swag has become a significant part of marketing and branding culture. How many matchbooks, notepads, pens, shampoo bottles and soaps from hotel stays do you still have? How about your parents? Case and point.

“It’s nice to hold a physical object and feel transported to an experience that could have happened weeks or even years ago,” says Sean Wilkinson, principal and creative director at Might & Main, a studio in Portland, Maine, that works on branding for clients in the hospitality industry. However, as the world has become more conscious of environmental sustainability, promotional products with conscious awareness are more desirable. More keepsakes, less plastic.

To adapt to this new level of awareness, Jupiter & Company is offering eco-friendly luggage tags that have emerged on the market as promotional keepsakes. These bag tags not only promote the brand but also serve as a value-add and point-of-connection between the guest and staff. Encouraging staff to MAKE TIME for the guest, in the end, makes money for the brand.

Considering the high demand for unique, environmentally-friendly, and personalized products among travelers, it’s time for brands to go beyond, by offering engraved luggage tags and other commemorative keepsakes for their guests. By taking a step towards sustainability and meeting the elevated expectations of your guests with a personalized touch, brands have a better chance of standing out in a competitive market.

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