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Jupiter & Company steps beyond classic promotional products, by producing items that are individually customizable on our in-house engraving station. The ancient art of engraving has a longstanding relationship alongside the human experience. To inscribe a name or message remains one of the most enduring ways to honor a memorable occasion. After engraving custom products at hundreds of events, the power and impact of dual-customization began to unfold and Jupiter & Company set a course to curate memorable moments, with commemoration. 

Jupiter began as a custom products company a generation ago, producing custom promotional keepsakes for the golf industry, using epoxy in a small garage shop Jupiter’s production has matured beyond, producing high-end custom metal goods intended to honor and commemorate, for the top golf courses in the world. However, the success of Jupiter & Company is not simply in the quality of the products developed overtime, Jupiter’s success is attributed to understanding and aligning with luxury through the sport culture and legacy of golf. 

Jupiter’s on-site engraving started with a stack of logoed bag tags, a heavy and not always functional engraver and event tours. On the PGA tour, attendees and event staff would line up to have their commemorative bag tags engraved. 

“We could only speculate the memories that these bag tags would trigger for people over the years, as we engraved hundreds of items per day”, Heather Bryan, proprietor of Jupiter & Compan, recalls. “There are still people excited to show off bag tags we engraved for them years ago, saying, “I still have it!” 

Clearly,  personalized products have longevity. With longevity in mind, Jupiter & Company spent the last decade developing lightweight and reliable technology to make engraving accessible to all industries.

Jupiter’s dual-customization proof of concept came through continued partnerships in the golf industry. Since 2016, Jupiter & Company has supplied the golf industry with custom products and proprietary in-house engraving stations. “The golf pro’s love it because it is easy to reorder products and it gives them an edge in luxury. The problem for us is, they don’t share their trade secrets. We are the best kept provider solution in the industry.” 

When pressed about what the future looks like for Jupiter & Company, Heather offers a glimpse of what is to come, “We look forward to evolving alongside the hospitality and retail experience, to offer something uniquely personal to everyone.” The current hospitality and retail environment is ripe, like when the first hand-engraver came on the market, people were engraving everything they could get their hands on. The allure of a personalized touch remains strong, and humans are fundamentally the same. “People desire to be acknowledged and take a piece of the experience home with them.I’ve seen the appreciation and we look forward to sharing that emotion as we continue to grow.”  

On-site engraving offers something special, it honors the person’s unique experience. With engraving readily available, there is an opportunity to curate a memorable experience. Heather recounts her days of on-site engraving fondly.  “There is a connection that is facilitated during the short engraving process.  It can open people up to share and connect in ways they normally wouldn’t.” 

At Jupiter & Company, we believe if you seek to create an experience, you should seek to commemorate it. We want to be a team player, which stands out in the industry of custom products. It is hard to define our limits and our reach, because there are no limits with what we offer. We seek to honor and commemorate, to help people feel special, and we see this extending across all industries.   

Relationships, like those forged in the golf industry, are everything to us. We are honored to have partner with some fantastic organizations; Orlando Magic, Disney, ted States Golf AssociationUSTA, Super Bowl and The International Luxury Hotel Association. In the future, we want to be on your team and exceed expectations because it makes great marketing sense. Dual-customization seamlessly communicates the commitment to the experience, and leaves the lasting impression of excellence. It is also fun.

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