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A Simple Solution

Over 500 engraving stations have found a home in locations around the globe. After engraving custom products at hundreds of events, Jupiter & Company now offers the power and impact of onsite personalization to support the growing trend. 

Engraving Station at Kimpton.heic

Small Footprint

With a 12" x 16" footprint and weighing only 10 lbs, we encourage you to use it as often as you need, in any department that needs it. 

Diamond Tip Engraving

Luxury Tiffany's style engraving, the diamond point etches letters and numbers cleanly and precisely. 

Mobile or Desktop

The Jupiter Engraving Station includes everything you need. The small footprint is designed to be light and mobile. 

Quick, Clean and Quiet

There is no mess or racket when engraving.  Each product takes 1-3 minutes depending on the font, size and product. 

Hands Free

Simply type the name or wording on the keyboard, review your work and hit ENGRAVE. Walk away, greet another customer, raise money, answer the phone, let the technology do the work. 

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